233U data testing by integral experiments

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Seven critical mass measurement integral experiments involving 233U have been considered. These include a bare metallic 233U sphere, three spherical cores intimately surrounded by oralloy shells of various thickness, and three surrounded by natural uranium shells. Some of these integral experiments are by now CSEWG data testing benchmarks and all of them are well documented. All relevant details of these experiments are presented.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTransaction: The Nuclear Societies of Israel Annual Meeting 1989
Place of PublicationHaifa, Israel
Pages53 - 58
StatePublished - 1989

Bibliographical note

critical mass measurement integral experiments;<sup>233</sup>U sphere;spherical cores;oralloy shells;CSEWG data testing benchmarks;<sup>233</sup>U data testing;


  • fission reactor fuel
  • radioisotopes
  • uranium


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