An efficient method for adventitious shoot regeneration from stem-segment explants of gypsophila

Asaph Ahroni, Amir Zuker, Yael Rozen, Hadas Shejtman, Alexander Vainstein*

*Corresponding author for this work

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An efficient adventitious shoot regeneration procedure was developed for Gypsophila paniculata L. Using cultivar Arbel, shoot regeneration from the three upper internodes of the stem was monitored on MS media supplemented with different cytokinins (thidiazuron, benzyladenine, kinetin or zeatin) and an auxin (naphthaleneacetic acid). Thidiazuron was found to be the most efficient cytokinin, with up to 100% of the explants forming shoots, at an average of up to 19 shoots per explant being regenerated. The highest percentage of shoot formation was observed in the stem explants originating from the first internode, with all cytokinins tested. The adventitious origin of shoots regenerated from stem explants was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy. The regeneration procedure was found to be applicable to five other gypsophila cultivars (Perfecta, Golan, Gilboa, Flamingo and Tavor). Regenerating plants were successfully transferred to soil, and did not differ in flower color, size or shape from standard vegetatively propagated plants derived from cuttings.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)101-106
Number of pages6
JournalPlant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1997

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Funding Information:
The authors wish to thank Danziger "DAN" Flower Farm for providing the plant material. This work was partially supported by Danziger "DAN" Flower Farm and a grant from The Hebrew University’s Internal Funds.


  • Caryophyllacae
  • Cytokinins
  • Gypsophila paniculata L.
  • Internode
  • Thidiazuron


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