Arab youth involvement in violence: A socio-ecological gendered perspective

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Background: Previous research has extensively used a socio-ecological perspective to find the correlates of youth involvement in violence. However, little is known about the extent to which ecological factors correlated with youth violence are affected by gender, especially in non-Western cultures. Objective: The role of gender in the association between individual, family, and contextual factors and Arab youth involvement in several types of violence (severe physical, moderate physical, and verbal and indirect violence) was explored using a socio-ecological perspective. Participants and Setting: The study was based on a large random sample of 3,178 Arab students, aged 11–18, from Israel. Methods: Information was collected from the adolescents through a structured, anonymous self-report questionnaire which they completed in the classroom under the guidance of a research assistant. Confidentiality and anonymity were ensured for all participants. Results: Gender was found to moderate the association between impulsivity and parental support and all types of violence except verbal violence. No interaction effect was found in the association between affiliation with delinquent peers and exposure to community violence and Arab youth involvement in violence. Conclusions: The results emphasize the importance of exploring gender differences with respect to risk and protective factors for violence. This knowledge is an important step in the design and implementation of gender-specific intervention strategies to deal with youth violence.

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JournalChild Abuse and Neglect
StatePublished - Jul 2019

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  • Arab youth
  • Community violence
  • Gender
  • Impulsivity
  • Parental support
  • Peer delinquency
  • Violence


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