Calcium Channel Blockers and the Risk for Lung Cancer: A Population-Based Nested Case-Control Study

Victoria Rotshild, Laurent Azoulay, Ilan Feldhamer, Amichai Perlman, Mendel Glazer, Mordechai Muszkat, Ilan Matok*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background: It has been suggested that calcium channel blockers (CCBs) may increase the risk of lung cancer; however, current evidence is conflicting and limited. Objective: Investigate the associations between CCB use and lung cancer. Methods: We conducted a population-based nested case-control study. A cohort was formed of patients prescribed their first antihypertensive agent from 2000 to 2014. CCB exposure information was obtained by identification of all prescriptions dispensed during study follow-up. Cases were patients newly diagnosed with lung cancer during follow-up. Each case was matched with 10 controls by age, sex, calendar year of cohort entry, and duration of follow-up. Multivariate conditional logistic regression was used to estimate odds ratios (ORs) with 95% CIs of lung cancer associated with ever use of CCBs. Results: During a median follow-up of 6.2 years, we identified 4174 cases of lung cancer. Ever use of CCBs was associated with an increased risk of lung cancer (adjusted OR = 1.13; 95% CI = 1.06-1.21), when compared with the use of other antihypertensive drugs. A duration-response relation was observed, with the ORs gradually increasing with longer cumulative duration of CCB use (<5 years: OR = 1.12, 95% CI = 1.04-1.20; 5-10 years: OR = 1.22, 95% CI = 1.07-1.40; >10 years: OR = 1.33, 95% CI = 0.90-1.96; P trend < 0.001). Conclusion and Relevance: The results of this large population-based study indicate that the use of CCBs is associated with a modest but significant increase in the risk of lung cancer. This association appeared to increase with longer duration of use.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)445-452
Number of pages8
JournalAnnals of Pharmacotherapy
Issue number5
StatePublished - 1 May 2019

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The authors disclosed receipt of the following financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article: The study was partially supported by: The Israel Cancer Association and Esther Blinko Fund (Grants Numbers: 20171182, 20160110), and The Israel Science Foundation (Grants Number: 808/15). The study funders had no role in the study design; in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; or in the decision to submit the article for publication. All the researchers are independent of the funders.

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  • antihypertensives
  • calcium channel blockers
  • case-control study
  • lung cancer


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