Coherent light matter interactions in nanostructure based active semiconductor waveguides operating at room temperature

Gadi Eisenstein, Johann Peter Reithmaier, Amir Capua, Ouri Karni, Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Sven Bauer, Igor Khanonkin

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Light matter coherent interactions require that the coherent state induced in the matter be maintained for the duration of the observation. The only way to induce and observe such interactions in room temperature semiconductors, where the coherence time is of the order of a few hundred femtoseconds, is to use ultrashort pulse excitations and an ultrafast characterization technique. For media comprising an ensemble of nanostructure semiconductors such as self-assembled quantum dots, the gain broadening inhomogeneity also affects the interaction. Moreover, when gain media in the form of an active waveguide, such as optical amplifiers, are used, the interaction is distributed and includes nonresonant incoherent phenomena that occur simultaneously with the coherent effects. Such a complex system can exhibit, nevertheless, clear coherent interactions even at room temperature. Using InAs/InP quantum dot and wirelike quantum dash amplifiers, Rabi oscillations, self-induced transparency, coherent control using spectral pulse shaping, Ramsey interference, and photon echo have been demonstrated. The characterization employed cross frequency resolved optical gating, and the experiments were accompanied by a comprehensive finite difference time domain model that solves the Maxwell and Lindblad equations. This work has major implications on the understanding of the details of dynamical processes in active semiconductor devices, on short pulse generation from semiconductor lasers, and on various future quantum devices.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number041317
JournalApplied Physics Reviews
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2019

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