Copper benchmark experiment for the testing of JEFF-3.2 nuclear data for fusion applications

M. Angelone, D. Flammini, S. Loreti, F. Moro, M. Pillon, R. Villar, A. Klix, U. Fischer, I. Kodeli, R. L. Perel, W. Pohorecky

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A neutronics benchmark experiment on a pure Copper block (dimensions 60 × 70 × 70 cm3) aimed at testing and validating the recent nuclear data libraries for fusion applications was performed in the frame of the European Fusion Program at the 14 MeV ENEA Frascati Neutron Generator (FNG). Reaction rates, neutron flux spectra and doses were measured using different experimental techniques (e.g. activation foils techniques, NE213 scintillator and thermoluminescent detectors). This paper first summarizes the analyses of the experiment carried-out using the MCNP5 Monte Carlo code and the European JEFF-3.2 library. Large discrepancies between calculation (C) and experiment (E) were found for the reaction rates both in the high and low neutron energy range. The analysis was complemented by sensitivity/uncertainty analyses (S/U) using the deterministic and Monte Carlo SUSD3D and MCSEN codes, respectively. The S/U analyses enabled to identify the cross sections and energy ranges which are mostly affecting the calculated responses. The largest discrepancy among the C/E values was observed for the thermal (capture) reactions indicating severe deficiencies in the 63,65Cu capture and elastic cross sections at lower rather than at high energy. Deterministic and MC codes produced similar results. The 14 MeV copper experiment and its analysis thus calls for a revision of the JEFF-3.2 copper cross section and covariance data evaluation. A new analysis of the experiment was performed with the MCNP5 code using the revised JEFF-3.3-T2 library released by NEA and a new, not yet distributed, revised JEFF-3.2 Cu evaluation produced by KIT. A noticeable improvement of the C/E results was obtained with both new libraries.

Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationND 2016
Subtitle of host publicationInternational Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
EditorsPeter Siegler, Wim Mondelaers, Arjan Plompen, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Peter Schillebeeckx, Stefan Kopecky, Jan Heyse, Stephan Oberstedt
PublisherEDP Sciences
ISBN (Electronic)9782759890200
StatePublished - 13 Sep 2017
Event2016 International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology, ND 2016 - Bruges, Belgium
Duration: 11 Sep 201616 Sep 2016

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Conference2016 International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology, ND 2016

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