Data testing and CRISY

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The release of any new evaluated nuclear data file is followed by an intensive data testing activity in addition to the data testing by the evaluating organization. The new cross-section library ENDF/B-VI has been released recently. Data checking of a new library is done typically in two stages. In the first stage, one checks the quality (accuracy, plausibility, and consistency) of the published data. In the second stage, one calculates integral quantities depending on the data that are experimentally known with a high accuracy, such as the critical mass of benchmark assemblies, and reaction rates. This is applied to the critical assemblies documentation system.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTrans. Am. Nucl. Soc. (USA)
Subtitle of host publicationConference: American Nuclear Society annual meeting, Boston, MA (United States), 7-12 Jun 1992
Place of PublicationUSA
PublisherAmerican Nuclear Society
Pages418 - 20
Number of pages3
ISBN (Print)0003-018X
StatePublished - 1992

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nuclear data file;data testing activity;cross-section library ENDF/B-VI;benchmark assemblies;reaction rates;critical assemblies documentation system;


  • nuclear engineering computing
  • spreadsheet programs


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