Deformable MEMS mirror

Dennis S Greywall (Inventor), Dan Mark Marom (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A MEMS device having a deformable mirror. In representative embodiments, the MEMS device includes (1) a deformable plate having a reflective surface and movably connected to a substrate and (2) a deformation actuator mounted on the plate such that, when the plate moves with respect to the substrate, the actuator moves together with the plate without any changes in the relative position of the plate and the actuator. In one embodiment, the actuator has (i) a first electrode, one end of which is attached to an edge of the plate and (ii) a second electrode attached to an interior portion of the plate. When a voltage differential is applied between the first and second electrodes, an unattached end of the first electrode moves with respect to the second electrode, thereby applying a deformation force to the plate. Advantageously, motion and deformation of the deformable plate in such MEMS device are decoupled.

Original languageAmerican English
Patent numberUS2005134955
IPCG02B 26/ 08 A I
Priority date19/12/03
StatePublished - 23 Jun 2005


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