Deuteron electro-disintegration at very high missing momenta

WU Boeglin, MK Jones, K Aniol, A Asaturyan, H Baghdasaryan, F Benmokhtar, H Bitao, S Danagoulian, D Day, D Gaskell, Guy Ron

Research output: Working paper/preprintPreprint


We propose to measure the D(e,e'p) cross section at Q2=4.25 (GeV/c)2 and xbj=1.35 for missing momenta ranging from pm=0.5 GeV/c to pm=1.0 GeV/c expanding the range of missing momenta explored in the Hall A experiment (E01-020). At these energy and momentum transfers, calculations based on the eikonal approximation have been shown to be valid and recent experiments indicated that final state interactions are relatively small and possibly independent of missing momenta. This experiment will provide for the first time data in this kinematic regime which are of fundamental importance to the study of short range correlations and high density fluctuations in nuclei. The proposed experiment could serve as a commissioning experiment of the new SHMS together with the HMS in Hall C. A total beam time of 21 days is requested.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2014


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