Differential cross sections and integral data: the ENDF/B-4 library and `clean' critical

J.J. Wagschal, Atara Ya'ari, Y. Yeivin

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


The ENDF/B-4 cross sections of the principal isotopes of U and Pu are adjusted by critical-mass data on 15 metallic assemblies. Only very minor cross-section modifications are needed in order for neutronic calculations to reproduce the integral data well within their experimental errors. The nature of the adjustments and the quality of the input integral data are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNuclear Cross Sections and Technology
Subtitle of host publicationProceedings of a Conference; Washington, D.C. March 3-7, 1975
EditorsR.A. Schrack, C. D. Bowman
Place of PublicationWashington, DC, USA
PublisherUS Department of Commerce
Pages405 - 8
StatePublished - 1975

Publication series

NameNational Bureau of Standards Special Publication

Bibliographical note

integral data;ENDF/B-4 library;cross sections;neutronic calculations;U isotopes;Pu isotopes;


  • fission reactor fuel
  • fission reactor theory and design
  • neutron-nucleus reactions
  • nuclei with mass number 220 or higher
  • physics computing


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