Digital laser printing of aluminum micro-structure on thermally sensitive substrates

Michael Zenou, Amir Sa'Ar, Zvi Kotler

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Aluminum metal is of particular interest for use in printed electronics due to its low cost, high conductivity and low migration rate in electrically driven organic-based devices. However, the high reactivity of Al particles at the nano-scale is a major obstacle in preparing stable inks from this metal. We describe digital printing of aluminum micro-structures by laser-induced forward transfer in a sub-nanosecond pulse regime. We manage to jet highly stable molten aluminum micro-droplets with very low divergence, less than 2 mrad, from 500 nm thin metal donor layers. We analyze the micro-structural properties of the print geometry and their dependence on droplet volume, print gap and spreading. High quality printing of aluminum micro-patterns on plastic and paper is demonstrated.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number205303
JournalJournal Physics D: Applied Physics
Issue number20
StatePublished - 29 May 2015

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  • digital printing
  • laser-induced forward transfer
  • organic electronics
  • transparent conductive coating


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