Exome sequencing links corticospinal motor neuron disease to common neurodegenerative disorders

Gaia Novarino, Ali G. Fenstermaker, Maha S. Zaki, Matan Hofree, Jennifer L. Silhavy, Andrew D. Heiberg, Mostafa Abdellateef, Basak Rosti, Eric Scott, Lobna Mansour, Amira Masri, Hulya Kayserili, Jumana Y. Al-Aama, Ghada M.H. Abdel-Salam, Ariana Karminejad, Majdi Kara, Bulent Kara, Bita Bozorgmehri, Tawfeg Ben-Omran, Faezeh MojahediIman Gamal El Din Mahmoud, Naima Bouslam, Ahmed Bouhouche, Ali Benomar, Sylvain Hanein, Laure Raymond, Sylvie Forlani, Massimo Mascaro, Laila Selim, Nabil Shehata, Nasir Al-Allawi, P. S. Bindu, Matloob Azam, Murat Gunel, Ahmet Caglayan, Kaya Bilguvar, Aslihan Tolun, Mahmoud Y. Issa, Jana Schroth, Emily G. Spencer, Rasim O. Rosti, Naiara Akizu, Keith K. Vaux, Anide Johansen, Alice A. Koh, Hisham Megahed, Alexandra Durr, Alexis Brice, Giovanni Stevanin, Stacy B. Gabriel, Trey Ideker, Joseph G. Gleeson*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Hereditary spastic paraplegias (HSPs) are neurodegenerative motor neuron diseases characterized by progressive age-dependent loss of corticospinal motor tract function. Although the genetic basis is partly understood, only a fraction of cases can receive a genetic diagnosis, and a global view of HSP is lacking. By using whole-exome sequencing in combination with network analysis, we identified 18 previously unknown putative HSP genes and validated nearly all of these genes functionally or genetically. The pathways highlighted by these mutations link HSP to cellular transport, nucleotide metabolism, and synapse and axon development. Network analysis revealed a host of further candidate genes, of which three were mutated in our cohort. Our analysis links HSP to other neurodegenerative disorders and can facilitate gene discovery and mechanistic understanding of disease.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)506-511
Number of pages6
Issue number6170
StatePublished - 2014
Externally publishedYes


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