Fluid Inclusions in Fibrous Diamonds

Yaakov Weiss, Janina Czas, Oded Navon

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Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationReviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
EditorsKaren Smit, Steve Shirey, Graham Pearson, Thomas Stachel, Fabrizio Nestola, Thomas Moses
PublisherMineralogical Society of America
Number of pages58
StatePublished - 2022

Publication series

NameReviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
ISSN (Print)1529-6466
ISSN (Electronic)1943-2666

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Funding Information:
We thank Ofra Klein-BenDavid, Oded Elazar, Yael Kempe, and Reed Mershon for sharing their unpublished data and Dan Howell for a modified version of the DiaMap software. We thank Thomas Stachel and Karen Smit, the editors, for handling the paper and Dimitry Zedgenizov, Thomas Stachel, and an anonymous reviewer for constructive reviews that greatly improved the paper. This research was supported by the Israel Science Foundation grant No. 2015/18 to YW and grant No. 734/17 to ON.

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