Formation of essential ultrastructural interface between cultured hippocampal cells and gold mushroom-shaped MEA- towards "IN-CELL" recordings from vertebrate neurons

A. Fendyur, N. Mazurski, J. Shappir, M.E. Spira

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Using cultured Aplysia neurons we recently reported on the development of a novel approach in which an extracellular, noninvasive multi-electrode-array system provides multisite, attenuated, intracellular recordings of sub-threshold synaptic potentials and action potentials (APs), the so called "IN-CELL" recording configuration. Because of its noninvasive nature, the configuration can be used for long term semi intracellular electrophysiological monitoring of APs and synaptic potentials. Three principals converge to generate the IN-CELL configuration: (a) engulfment of approximately one micrometer size gold mushroom-shaped microelectrodes (gMμE) by the neurons, (b) formation of high seal resistance between the cell's plasma membrane and the engulfed gMμE and (c), autonomous localized increased conductance of the membrane patch facing the gMμE. Using dissociated rat hippocampal cultures we report here that the necessary morphological and ultrastructural relationships to generate the IN-CELL recording configuration are formed between hippocampal cells and the gMμEs. Interestingly, even
Original languageEnglish
JournalFrontiers in Neuroengineering
Issue numberNOVEMBER
StatePublished - 2011

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Correspondence Address: Spira, M. E.; Department of Neurobiology, , Jerusalem, 91940, Israel; email:

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  • Gold mushroom-shaped microelectrodes
  • MEA
  • Multi-electrode-array
  • animal cell
  • article
  • brain computer interface
  • cell activity
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  • cell structure
  • controlled study
  • electroencephalogram
  • gold mushroom shape microelectrode
  • hippocampus
  • information processing
  • intracellular recording
  • microelectrode
  • nerve cell
  • nerve potential
  • nervous system conductance
  • nervous system electrophysiology
  • newborn
  • nonhuman
  • rat
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