Hypercontractivity on the symmetric group

Yuval Filmus, Guy Kindler, Noam Lifshitz, Dor Minzer

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The hypercontractive inequality is a fundamental result in analysis, with many applications throughout discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, combinatorics and more. So far, variants of this inequality have been proved mainly for product spaces, which raises the question of whether analogous results hold over non-product domains. We consider the symmetric group, one of the most basic non-product domains, and establish hypercontractive inequalities on it. Our inequalities are most effective for the class of global functions on, which are functions whose -norm remains small when restricting coordinates of the input, and assert that low-degree, global functions have small q-norms, for 2. As applications, we show the following: 1. An analog of the level-d inequality on the hypercube, asserting that the mass of a global function on low degrees is very small. We also show how to use this inequality to bound the size of global, product-free sets in the alternating group. 2. Isoperimetric inequalities on the transposition Cayley graph of for global functions that are analogous to the KKL theorem and to the small-set expansion property in the Boolean hypercube. 3. Hypercontractive inequalities on the multi-slice and stability versions of the Kruskal-Katona Theorem in some regimes of parameters.

Original languageAmerican English
Article numbere6
JournalForum of Mathematics, Sigma
StatePublished - 8 Jan 2024

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