Israel’s Approach Towards Space Security and Sustainability

Deganit Paikowsky*, Tal Azoulay, Isaac Ben Israel

*Corresponding author for this work

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In the last 30 years, Israel developed an indigenous space capability to launch, develop, operate, and maintain satellites in two main niche areas: Earth observation and communications, including the ground segment of communications satellites. Israel’s space program was born out of national security needs. However, it has led to the growth of a commercial space sector. Recent years have seen Israel expand its cooperation with international partners as well as establish a civilian space policy backed with modest government funding. Space-related academia has begun partnering more with government and businesses, and space start-ups have sprouted, a notable though noncommercial example being SpaceIL. What began as a purpose-focused defense necessity has blossomed into a diversified amalgam of enterprises, academia, and government dealing in a broad spectrum of space endeavors. Space activities are seen as contributing significant and cross-cutting benefits to Israeli society from early education to an advanced economy and all points in between. Within the context of protecting and encouraging this nationally important ecosystem, Israel considers international space security, safety, and sustainability to be of importance. As such Israel actively promotes this position through its own space activities and increasingly in international forums.

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Title of host publicationHandbook of Space Security
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2020
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