Karakhanid Khanate

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The first Muslim Turkic dynasty ruled in Central Asia, from the Tarim basin to the Oxus, from the mid–late 10th century until the beginning of the 13th. The multi-cultural khanate took pride in its Turkic past, maintained cordial relations with the Song and Liao dynasties in China, and took an active part in the silk roads trade. The period saw the beginning of the Turkification of the Iranian population in Transoxania, Semirechye, and the Tarim basin, a major expansion of Islam eastwards, and the emergence of Muslim Turkic literature.
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Title of host publicationThe Encyclopedia of Empire
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StatePublished - 2016


  • 950–1250 ce
  • Central Asia
  • China
  • Islam
  • nomads
  • Silk Road
  • trade and commerce


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