National scale mapping of ecosystem services in Israel - Genetic resources, pollination and cultural services

Alon Lotan*, Reuven Kost, Yael Mandelik, Yoav Peled, David Chakuki, Shiri Zemah Shamir, Yael Ram

*Corresponding author for this work

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The Israel - National Ecosystem Assessment (I-NEA) project aims to present a comprehensive picture of the state and trends of Israel’s ecosystem services across all ecosystems, by integrating existing data and information collected from a wide range of sources. Although there is a lack of information about the spatial distribution of ecosystem services’ provisioning in Israel, their mapping constitutes an important part of the assessment. In this paper, we present a national-scale mapping of three ecosystem services, each of them implemented using different methods: 1) Genetic resources service, mapped using spatial observations of the Crop Wild Relatives species; 2) potential of pollination service, which is provided by wild bees, mapped using an expert-based habitat model related to land use and land cover; and 3) cultural service of recreation, mapped by analysing the distribution of geotagged digital photographs uploaded to social media resources. The derived maps visualise, for the first time in Israel, the spatially distributed values of the three ecosystem services. Supply hotspots with high values for all three services were identified, as well as spatial differences amongst the ecosystem services. These nationalscale maps provide overlooked insights and can be very useful for strategic discussions of stakeholders and decision-makers but should be regarded with caution given existing knowledge gaps and possible inaccuracies due to data scarcity and low resolution.

Original languageAmerican English
Article numbere25494
JournalOne Ecosystem
StatePublished - 2018

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  • Crop wild relatives
  • Cultural ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem services mapping
  • Geotagged photos
  • National ecosystem assessment
  • Recreation
  • Wild bees


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