Near-deterministic hybrid generation of arbitrary photonic graph states using a single quantum emitter and linear optics

Paul Hilaire, Leonid Vidro, Hagai S. Eisenberg, Sophia E. Economou

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Since linear-optical two-photon gates are inherently probabilistic, measurement-based implementations are particularly well suited for photonic platforms: a large highly-entangled photonic resource state, called a graph state, is consumed through measurements to perform a computation. The challenge is thus to produce these graph states. Several generation procedures, which use either interacting quantum emitters or efficient spin-photon interface, have been proposed to create these photonic graph states deterministically. Yet, these solutions are still out of reach experimentally since the state-of-the-art is the generation of a linear graph state. Here, we introduce near-deterministic solutions for the generation of graph states using the current quantum emitter capabilities. We propose hybridizing quantum-emitter-based graph state generation with all-photonic fusion gates to produce graph states of complex topology near-deterministically. Our results should pave the way towards the practical implementation of resource-efficient quantum information processing, including measurement-based quantum communication and quantum computing.

Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2023

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This research was supported by the EU Horizon 2020 programme (GA 862035 QLUSTER). S.E.E. also acknowledges the Virginia Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI), an investment in the advancement of cyber R&D, innovation, and workforce development (

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