Novel observation of isospin structure of short-range correlations in calcium isotopes

D. Nguyen*, Z. Ye*, P. Aguilera, Z. Ahmed, H. Albataineh, K. Allada, B. Anderson, D. Anez, K. Aniol, J. Annand, J. Arrington, T. Averett, H. Baghdasaryan, X. Bai, A. Beck, S. Beck, V. Bellini, F. Benmokhtar, A. Camsonne, C. ChenJ. P. Chen, K. Chirapatpimol, E. Cisbani, M. M. Dalton, A. Daniel, D. Day, W. Deconinck, M. Defurne, D. Flay, N. Fomin, M. Friend, S. Frullani, E. Fuchey, F. Garibaldi, D. Gaskell, S. Gilad, R. Gilman, S. Glamazdin, C. Gu, P. Guèye, C. Hanretty, J. O. Hansen, M. Hashemi Shabestari, D. W. Higinbotham, M. Huang, S. Iqbal, G. Jin, N. Kalantarians, H. Kang, A. Kelleher, I. Korover, J. Lerose, J. Leckey, S. Li, R. Lindgren, E. Long, J. Mammei, D. J. Margaziotis, P. Markowitz, D. Meekins, Z. E. Meziani, R. Michaels, M. Mihovilovic, N. Muangma, C. Munoz Camacho, B. E. Norum, Nuruzzaman, K. Pan, S. Phillips, E. Piasetzky, I. Pomerantz, M. Posik, V. Punjabi, X. Qian, Y. Qiang, X. Qiu, P. E. Reimer, A. Rakhman, S. Riordan, G. Ron, O. Rondon-Aramayo, A. Saha, L. Selvy, A. Shahinyan, R. Shneor, S. Širca, K. Slifer, P. Solvignon, N. Sparveris, R. Subedi, V. Sulkosky, D. Wang, J. W. Watson, L. B. Weinstein, B. Wojtsekhowski, S. A. Wood, I. Yaron, X. Zhan, J. Zhang, Y. W. Zhang, B. Zhao, X. Zheng, P. Zhu, R. Zielinski

*Corresponding author for this work

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Short-range correlations (SRCs) have been identified as being responsible for the high-momentum tail of the nucleon momentum distribution, n(k). Hard, short-range interactions of nucleon pairs generate the high-momentum tail and imprint a universal character on n(k) for all nuclei at large momentum. Triple coincidence experiments have shown a strong dominance of np pairs, but these measurements involve large final-state interactions. This paper presents the results from Jefferson Lab experiment E08014 which measured inclusive electron scattering cross section from Ca isotopes. By comparing the inclusive cross section from Ca48 to Ca40 in a kinematic region dominated by SRCs we provide a new way to study the isospin structure of SRCs.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number064004
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number6
StatePublished - 14 Dec 2020

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