Phase locking in a multi-channel quantum communication system

Mihaela Dinu (Inventor), Christophe J Dorrer (Inventor), Clinton R Giles (Inventor), Inuk Kang (Inventor), Dan Mark Marom (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A communication system adapted to use wavelength (frequency) division multiplexing for quantum-key distribution (QKD) and having a transmitter coupled to a receiver via a transmission link. In one embodiment, the receiver is adapted to (i) phase-shift a local oscillator (LO) signal generated at the receiver, (ii) combine the LO signal with a quantum-information (QI) signal received via the transmission link from the transmitter to produce interference signals, (iii) measure an intensity difference for these interference signals, and (iv) phase-lock the LO signal to the QI signal based on the measurement result. In one configuration, the QI signal has a plurality of pilot frequency components, each carrying a training signal, and a plurality of QKD frequency components, each carrying quantum key data. Advantageously, the system can maintain a phase lock for the QKD frequency components of the QI and LO signals, while the QKD frequency components of the QI signal continuously carry quantum key data.

Original languageAmerican English
Patent numberUS2006262930
IPCH04K 1/ 00 A I
Priority date24/08/05
StatePublished - 23 Nov 2006


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