Phases of nonsupersymmetric gauge theories: The so (Nc) case study

Csaba Csáki, Andrew Gomes, Hitoshi Murayama, Ofri Telem

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We investigate the IR phases of nonsupersymmetric (non-SUSY) SO(Nc) gauge theories with NF fermions in the vector representation obtained by perturbing the SUSY theory with anomaly mediated SUSY breaking (AMSB). We find that of the wide variety of phases appearing in the SUSY theory only two survive: for NF≤32(Nc-2) the theory confines, breaking the SU(NF) global symmetry to SO(NF), while for 32(Nc-2)<NF<3(Nc-2) the theory flows to a (super)conformal fixed point. The Abelian Coulomb and free magnetic phases do not survive and collapse to the confining phase. We also investigate the behavior of loop operators in order to provide a clear distinction between the confining and screened phases. With the choice of Spin(Nc) for the global structure of the gauge group, we find that the electric Wilson loop indeed obeys an area law, providing one of the first demonstrations of true confinement with chiral symmetry breaking in a non-SUSY theory. We identify monopole condensation as the dynamics underlying confinement. These monopoles arise naturally for NF=Nc-2. The case with a smaller number of flavors can be obtained by integrating out flavors, and we confirm numerically that the monopole condensate persists in the presence of AMSB and mass perturbations.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number114018
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number11
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2021
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