Possession and Dispossession: Performing Jewish Ethnography in Jerusalem

Lea Mauas*, Michelle MacQueen, Diego Rotman

*Corresponding author for this work

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The book includes articles, documentation and a catalog of the Ethnographic Department of the Museum of the Contemporary. It is the fruit of a long-term project carried out at the Mamuta Art and Research Center and curated by the Sala-Manca Group. It contains articles by Yoram Bilu, Rachel Elior, Freddie Rokem and Diego Rotman on the Dybbuk; by Galit Hasan-Rokem and Daphna Ben-Shaul on Sukkot, and on the Eternal Sukkah project; by Shalom Sabar on electric Shabbat candles, and by Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman on different art projects. The book also includes documentation of artworks and a project by Itamar Mendes-Flohr, Yeshaiahu Rabinowtz, Ktura Manor, Hannan Abu Huseein, Reuven Zehavi, Sala-Manca, Samuel Rotman, Shira Borer, Nir Yahalom, Chen Cohen, Pessi Komar, Adi Kaplan, and Shahar Carmel, among others.

Original languageAmerican English
Publisherde Gruyter
Number of pages309
ISBN (Electronic)9783110786279
ISBN (Print)9783110785784
StatePublished - 19 Apr 2022

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  • Contemporary art
  • Israel
  • Jerusalem
  • Jewish ethnography


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