Potential Combinatory Effect of Cannabidiol and Triclosan Incorporated into Sustained Release Delivery System against Oral Candidiasis

Mark Feldman*, Irith Gati, Ronit Vogt Sionov, Sharonit Sahar-Helft, Michael Friedman, Doron Steinberg

*Corresponding author for this work

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Candida albicans is a common fungal pathogen. Biofilm formation on various surfaces is an important determinant of C. albicans pathogenicity. Our previous results demonstrated the high potential of cannabidiol (CBD) to affect C. albicans biofilms. Based on these data, we investigated the possibility of incorporating CBD and/or triclosan (an antimicrobial agent that is widely utilized in dentistry) in a sustained-release varnish (SRV) (SRV-CBD, SRV-triclosan) to increase their pharmaceutical potential against C. albicans biofilm, as well as that of the mixture of the agents into SRV (SRV-CBD/triclosan). The study was conducted in a plastic model, on agar, and in an ex vivo tooth model. Our results demonstrated strong antibiofilm activity of SRV-CBD and SRV-triclosan against C. albicans in all tested models. Both formulations were able to inhibit biofilm formation and to remove mature fungal biofilm. In addition, SRV-CBD and SRV-triclosan altered C. albicans morphology. Finally, we observed a dramatic enhancement of antibiofilm activity when combined SRV-CBD/triclosan was applied. In conclusion, we propose that incorporation of CBD or triclosan into SRV is an effective strategy to fight fungal biofilms. Importantly, the data demonstrate that our CBD/triclosan varnish is safe, and is not cytotoxic for normal mammalian cells. Furthermore, we propose that CBD and triclosan being in mixture in SRV exhibit complementary antibiofilm activity, and thus can be explored for further development as a potential treatment against fungal infections.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number1624
Issue number8
StatePublished - 3 Aug 2022

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  • C. albicans
  • CBD
  • SRV
  • biofilm
  • triclosan


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