Programmable optical multiplexer/demultiplexer

Dan Mark Marom (Inventor), David Thomas Neilson (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A programmable optical demultiplexer can independently assign every input optical channel in a WDM optical communications signal to depart from any desired output port. The demultiplexer device can also be operated in the reverse direction, and thus achieve programmable optical multiplexer functionality, by accepting different wavelengths at each of multiple input ports and efficiently combining the wavelength channels at the multiplexer output port. The programmable multiplexer/demultiplexer device has an optical arrangement for spatially dispersing the optical wavelengths, and tunable micro-mirrors for beam steering each channel independently. Controlling the beam reflection direction determines the connectivity between the input and output ports at the wavelength level.

Original languageAmerican English
Patent numberUS2002196520
IPCH04Q 11/ 00 A I
Priority date31/08/01
StatePublished - 26 Dec 2002


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