Robust parity-mixed superconductivity in disordered monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides

David Möckli, Maxim Khodas

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Monolayer NbSe2 is a nodal topological Ising superconductor at magnetic in-plane fields exceeding the Pauli limit, with nodal points strictly on high-symmetry lines in the Brillouin zone. Here, we use a combined numerical and group-theoretical approach in real space to characterize the unconventional superconducting state in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides. Even with a conventional pairing interaction, the superconducting state is intrinsically parity mixed and robust against onsite disorder. The interplay between the Zeeman magnetic field, strong spin-orbit interaction, and electronic orbital content confer the unique superconducting and topological properties. The discussion also extends to strongly hole-doped MoS2 and its relatives.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number144518
JournalPhysical Review B
Issue number14
StatePublished - 24 Oct 2018

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