Simulation and Construction of Shashlyk-Type Electromagnetic Calorimeters for the Electron-Ion Collider

Kai Jin, Nilanga Liyanage, Vincent Sulkosky, Nguyen Ton, Xiaochao Zheng, Guy Ron, Alexandre Camsonne, Wouter Deconinck, Tim Holmstrom, Jin Huang

Research output: Other contribution


Electromagnetic calorimeters (Ecal) constitute an important part of the detector package for the
Electron-Ion Collider (EIC). The shashlyk-design is a type of sampling calorimeter that provides a
reasonable energy resolution and a high radiation resistance, and at a lower cost than crystal calorimeters. We propose here a first step towards the R&D study for building shashlyk calorimeters for the
EIC. For the first year, we will carry out preliminary simulations to determine a basic design of
shashlyk calorimeters for the EIC’s outer electron and hadron endcap calorimeters, and to study the
feasibility of using shashlyk for the barrel calorimeter. We will also conduct preparation work towards shashlyk module construction, focusing on testing the optical and mechanical properties and
the radiation hardness of the scintillator and absorber components of the module. In addition to using scintillators produced with traditional methods, we will incorporate a possibly innovative method
which is 3D-printed scintillators. 3D-printed scintillator parts will allow us to efficiently carry out the
prototyping process and to directly produce projective-shape modules, the latter may be important
for the EIC. The proposed project will work for both eRHIC and MEIC. The requested funding period is for one year and the funds will be used to cover the necessary test setup, material and supplies, and the manpower needed to conduct this R&D research. Once we have determined the design and have obtained the basic data on properties of the scintillator and the absorber components, we will proceed to prototype construction at the next funding cycle, focusing
on the two endcap calorimeters and the possibility of producing projective-shape modules.
Original languageAmerican English
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Number of pages14
StatePublished - 15 Jun 2015


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