Stratigraphy and Architecture of the Fortified Palace

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During the second season of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society excavations at Khirbat al-Karak/Tel Bet Yerah, in 1945–1946, part of what we now recognize as the fortified palace (qaṣr) of al-Ṣinnabra—its southern wall, one corner tower and a gateway flanked by two towers—as well as its external bathhouse, was first exposed (BYI:53). The results of that season were published in a preliminary report that contains a detailed description of the bathhouse but only a brief reference to the remains of theqaṣr(Stekelis and Avi-Yonah 1947; Maisler, Stekelis and Avi-Yonah 1952). The entireqaṣrwas excavated
Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationBet Yerah
Subtitle of host publicationVolume III, Hellenistic philoteria and Islamic al-Sinnabra
PublisherIsrael Antiquities Authority
Number of pages46
ISBN (Print)9789654066464
StatePublished - 2017

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