Surface energy-loss function of a semi-infinite spatially dispersive solid

V. U. Nazarov*

*Corresponding author for this work

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A semi-infinite spatially dispersive dielectric medium is re-examined. The analytical properties of the dielectric response similar to the Kramers-Kronig relations are proved in a q variable. This analysis permits one to introduce the surface energy-loss function, which generalizes the well-known expression Im{-1/[ε(ω)+1]} to the spatially dispersive case. The theory is illustrated by application to the hydrodynamical model of a semi-infinite medium with aluminum parameters. The reflected-electron surface energy-loss spectrum is obtained. The results are discussed.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)10663-10667
Number of pages5
JournalPhysical Review B
Issue number15
StatePublished - 1994
Externally publishedYes


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