The family ectothiorhodospiraceae

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The family Ectothiorhodospiraceae, first proposed in 1984, is affiliated with the Gammaproteobacteria. As of July 2012, it encompassed 15 genera: Ectothiorhodospira [type genus], Alkalilimnicola, Alkalispirillum, Aquisalimonas, Arhodomonas, Ectothiorhodosinus, Halorhodospira, Methylonatrum, Natronocella, Nitrococcus, Thioalbus, Thioalkalivibrio, Thiohalomonas, Thiohalospira, and Thiorhodospira, with a total of 38 species, including two that were considered later heterotypic synonyms of earlier published species. Physiologically the family is highly diverse. Four genera consist of anoxygenic phototrophs, four genera contain sulfur-oxidizing chemolithotrophs, one monospecific genus performs autotrophic nitrite oxidation, five genera contain aerobic chemoheterotrophs, and one monospecific genus is facultatively methylotrophic. Anaerobic growth using nitrate and other oxidized nitrogen compounds as electron acceptors occurs in some non-phototrophic members of the family. Many representatives are halophilic and/or alkaliphilic, and they can be found worldwide in saline, hypersaline, and alkaline aquatic and terrestrial environments.

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