The family methanotrichaceae

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The family Methanotrichaceae, here proposed as a new family to replace the illegitimate name Methanosaetaceae, consists of a single genus: Methanothrix with three species, including Methanothrix harundinacea comb. nov., a name here proposed for a species previously classified within the genus Methanosaeta, now an illegitimate name. The family belongs to the order Methanosarcinaceae. The members are slow-growing, rod-shaped, nonmotile methanogenic Archaea that only use acetate as substrate for methanogenesis with the formation of methane and carbon dioxide. Some isolates are thermophilic. Isolates of Methanotrichaceae and/or 16S rRNA gene sequences affiliated with the family have been recovered from diverse habitats including mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic wastewater treatment systems, anaerobic mud from a river, paddy field soil, hot springs, and thermal lakes.

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