The family natranaerobiaceae

Aharon Oren*

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The family Natranaerobiaceae, first proposed in 2007, is the only described family within the order Natranaerobiales, affiliated with the class Clostridia in the phylum Firmicutes. Currently (October 2013) it encompasses two genera: Natranaerobium (type genus) with two species, and Natronovirga with one species. The description of a third genus, Natranaerobaculum, with one species is in press. All members of the family are Gram-positive, fermentative polyextremophiles that require high salinity and high pH for growth, and are markedly thermotolerant. They were found in the anaerobic sediments of hypersaline soda lakes of the Wadi El Natrun, Egypt, and Lake Magadi, Kenya.

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