The law and practice of the International Court, 1920-2005

Shabtai Rosenne, Yaël Ronen, Shabtai Rosenne

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The popularity of his monumental and definitive works have established Shabtai Rosenne as the undisputed expert on the International Court of Justice’s law and practice. His broad exchange of correspondence and extensive conversations with members of the Court and its Registrars, as well as with other friends who know the Court and its practices well, and his experience in the Court and in the UN, especially the General Assembly and the Security Council, led him to undertake this major reconstruction of this work in the previous edition. Now divided into several substantive volumes, the work addresses: • The Court as one of the principal organs, and as the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. Diplomats and legal advisers who have to deal with matters relating to the Court on a political level, in different organs of the United Nations and in other offices will appreciate the full discussion of the diplomatic, political, and administrative aspects of the Court’s affairs. • Jurisdiction and the treatment of jurisdictional matters by the Court. This volume also includes the Court’s advisory jurisdiction; the advisory work has related to very difficult legal issues in matters of major political import. • The Court’s procedure. All of these arenas have undergone significant recent changes. The work’s practical features include the English text of the Charter of the United Nations, the Statute of the Court, the Practice Directions, and the 1978 Rules of the Court, together with a full set of indexes. The Fourth Edition (updated until 31 December 2005) of The Law and Practice of the International Court is an essential component of all international law libraries and an indispensable work for those practicing in the field, all of whom will appreciate access to the most recent work on the Court from this expert author.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLeiden
Number of pages4
ISBN (Electronic)9004139583, 9004150196, 900415020X, 9004150218, 9004150226, 904740579X
StatePublished - 2006

Bibliographical note

Rev. ed. of: The law and practice of the International Court, 1920-1996. 3rd ed. 1997.


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