Unpublished responsa of R. Meir of Rothenburg as a source for Jewish history

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Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages (tenth to fifteenth centuries)
Subtitle of host publicationproceedings of the International Symposium held at Speyer, 20-25 october 2002
EditorsChristoph Clause
Place of PublicationTurnhout, Belgium
PublisherBrepols Publishers
Number of pages11
ISBN (Print)2503516971
StatePublished - 2004

Bibliographical note

Appeared in German as "Unbekannte Responsen R. Meirs von Rothenburg als Quellen zur jüdischen Geschichte" in "Europas Juden im Mittelalter" (2004) 311-321.

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  • Jewish law -- History
  • Jews -- Europe -- History -- Middle Ages, 500-1500
  • Meir ben Baruch -- of Rothenburg -- approximately 1215-1293

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